Q. How does it work?
A. You book your select time through our website, once jet skis are reserved you meet us at
our location to pick up the jet skis, or we can deliver them right to you. We will help you hook them to your vehicle (must have a 2inch ball). Then you get to enjoy the body of water of your choice.
Q.Do we need to bring our own Life Jackets?
A. No, we have have brand new Sea Doo life vest for all sizes
Q. What hours can I rent a jet ski?
A. Full day reservations only
Q. What if I decide to cancel my reservation? Do I receive a refund?
A. Full refunds will be issued if reservation is canceled 3 days prior to reservation
Q. Can I keep the jet skis overnight?
A. Yes, jet skis can be kept overnight as long as you have them rented out for the slotted times
Q. Can you have a passenger on the jet skis?
A. Yes, these are two person & three person jet skis

Q.Can I Pick up the jet skis the night before my reservation? A. Absolutely, it will have to be after 7:00pm the night before

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